Building a Different Kind of Law Firm: Atheria Law’s First Year

Law360 reporter Aebra Coe recently interviewed founding partner Christina Terplan to discuss the firm’s first year in business, the business challenges related to the pandemic, and the importance of diversity in the legal industry.

Christina explained that the original vision for the firm was to create “an environment that was smaller and more nimble and really focused on the insurance industry.” In setting up the firm, the partners intentionally made a significant investment in technology to allow for flexible workplaces. When the pandemic hit, the firm was able to easily transition to a work-from-home environment.

Reflecting on the importance of diversity in the legal industry, Christina points out that clients are starting to drive the shift towards greater diversity. “Our clients are asking us specifically now about diversity and inclusion metrics. They want to see that their legal counsel reflects the community at large and also their clients. And it results in better analysis, better thinking, and better outcomes in the end.”

When asked about the firm’s goals over the next five years, Christina said, “it is really evolving from a startup law firm to an established, stable midsize firm — but doing that while keeping the excitement and creative thinking of our startup phase. We want to continue to maintain that can-do and out-of-the-box thinking exemplified in our first year.”

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