Getting to the Root Cause of Claims: Joan D’Ambrosio Presents at Advisen Cyber Risk Insights Conference

As cyber insurance demand increases and claims continue to develop, there is more data available regarding what went wrong and how to prevent similar incidents in the future. Root-cause analysis is now the name of the game for insurers and incident response teams. Post-event questions have arisen on who is entitled to what details, and how to best filter the insight from forensic reports back to insurers. Considering the industry-wide talent shortage – there are an estimated 500,000 unfilled jobs in incident response — it’s more essential than ever for the cyber insurance claims process and event response to be as finely-tuned as possible.  On February 16, 2022, Atheria partner Joan D’Ambrosio participated in a panel discussion “Getting to the Root Cause of Claims” at the 2022 Advisen Cyber Risk Insights Conference. D’Ambrosio was joined by panelists Tony Kirtley, Michael Phillips and Jason Rebholz, and the discussion was moderated by Hannah Hoeflinger.